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Our range of services and machines also includes deliveries for other food segments such as meat, dairy and spice processing companies. We usually provide our partners in these sectors with special-purpose machines in combination with conveyor systems and machines for further handling.

For example, we can arrange:
Automated system of piece loading of cinnamon into packages, frozen fillet batching, dough dividing, cruet palletization, automated carton folding (yoghurt, beverages…)

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Automatic bottle insertion before filling

The capacity of the empty bottle hopper is designed for optimum stock and number of refills during a production shift. Empty bottles are transferred to the rotary dispenser on the feeding conveyor. From there, they are loaded onto the conveyor of the filling machine in the correct position and filled. The capacity of the machine is 4000 bottles per hour.

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Cinnamon batching

The machine for batching cinnamon and nutmeg into packages is fed from a central raw material hopper. The spices are spread onto the batching and counting conveyor for the final packing by means of a vibrating hopper. These processes are followed by a feeding conveyor that is synchronized with the packing machine and puts the raw material into packages.

The installation of the equipment allowed the customer to transfer two operators to other locations while increasing capacity by up to 100% of the packages produced. This eliminates the need to add extra shifts to production and allows operators to do other work.

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Feeding conveyor: fillet batching

The production package consists of two food products. One of the products is put into the package using a dynamic weighing machine and the other one, fish fillets, is put in by the piece. The fillets are put into the package by the operator. Due to the nature of the packing area, it is necessary to ensure that the operator is not positioned directly at the packing point where the products are deep frozen.

For this reason, we proposed the customer to place a feeding conveyor to the machine, which is used to load the fillets. The conveyor is synchronized with the packing machine, and according to its cycle time, it loads the required number of fillets.

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Expansion of production capacity for Avokádo

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Experience across industries

The MSV SYSTEMS FOOD Division has extensive experience in the food industry. We have worked for some of the best industry leaders across Europe. Our experts are ready to discuss your requirements and propose the optimal solution for your application. We can also incorporate our technology into existing lines to take your production to the next level.

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How does the cooperation work


We will evaluate your requirements and design the optimal solution, carry out tests and prepare the project

Machine/line building

Performed in accordance with the approved documentation at our facility in Liberec

Delivery to the customer

We provide delivery, assembly and commissioning of our machines, as well as operator training

Service and support

We provide long-term 24/7 support and have our own service engineers


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